Meet Lizzie Buscaino

At Piccolo Farm, Lizzie and her family grow vegetables and edible flowers for the Wollondilly, Camden and Sydney market. Their produce is grown with bio-diverse, spray-free, chemically free and organic methods. They offer vegetable boxes for local families and cater to restaurants, as well as one local shop.

The Buscainos grow a wide range of produce and specialise in premium lettuce mix, heirloom tomatoes and edible flowers. The market garden is around 1/2 an acre and managed as a minimum till, regenerative agriculture garden. Because of their strict chemical-free policy, they focus on growing strong plants in a healthy environment. They have bees on the farm who help pollinate and chickens who turn the garden scraps into eggs.

The Buscainos bought the farm almost four years ago and moved their family from Randwick to start the farm. Lizzie undertook a Permaculture Design Certificate one week prior to settlement and has been growing the farm ever since.

Click here for more information about Piccolo Farm.

Click here to buy tickets to Lizzie’s talk about vegetable growing.

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